Kuntamatch is a web based platform designed for modern day citizen driven citizen engagement. The building blocks of municipalities are customized Kuntamatch websites for municipalities and administrator panels for moderation, user management and statistics. Kuntamatch can be applied as fully serviced solution or as self service build up from Github. Both option can be supported by consultancy packages designed for citizen engagement boosting.

Kuntamatch as a service

Kuntamatch for developers

You can also apply your Kuntamatch as a selfservice product. The source code is available at Github. For the self service model, please contact Tom Holmroos at Kuntaliiitto for further information.

-Price: 2000€ set up fee + 300€ / month (VAT 24% Excluded)

-Unlimited amount of users

Option 3

-Kuntamatch Github for developers

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George Williams


Julia Castillo

Client Service