About us

The history of the Kuntamatch citizen engagement platform took its first steps when the Klash competition was introduced in 2018. In the first phase, ideas were collected from the municipalities for problems to be solved through the competition. We thought at the time that something interesting was emerging now and decided to build a team. The team was to be called Desperado Designs.

When the challenges were announced for the Klash competition, it was immediately clear that our team´s target would be the challenge of the city of Joensuu “A platform to increase the voluntary activities of local residents”. In addition to the specific problem, there was a broader echo base, it was a question of the role of the municipality of the future, a change in the administrative machinery towards more community-based activities. The winning solution would require an interdisciplinary team.

The team was a mix of familiar names. Sami Ylipihlaja was a colleague from the same city organization than Riku. His angle was his strong experience in the cultural and leisure sector, which is important for the solution, both as a municipality official and a private person. Marika Järvinen's background was in the service design and functions both in private and public sectors. Erno Launo brought in his experience from new business development and start-up scene. This was a critical area of ​​expertise. The solution would implement a web platform and the rest of us had no direct experience of this. The name of the team, Desperado Designs, was born naturally - we all had a kind of articulation phase in assembling the group, the interesting projects were coming to an end and the returns to the old ones might not have attracted us. Direction and motivation were sought by doing something else. For example, winning a competition.

Kuntamatch is about to see daylight in October 2021. We welcome all the modern day municipalities to join our mission. Kuntamatch brings together tasks and doers.